Sunday, January 25, 2015

5 Friday Finds #28

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Hello! I am running behind with my Friday Etsy finds this week, I know it is already Sunday, I don't know where the last few days have gone!! I figure it's better late than never, so here's a few lovely shops that have caught my eye this week! :) 


1.I love the work found in beccastadtlander, the shop of talented illustrator Becca Stadtlander, lots of lovely cards and prints available here.

2. Leah from the ThePaperFinchCompany sells lots of beautiful wool rovings for felting and spinning. I couldn't help but include the photo of all the gorgeous colour!  Needle felting is something I'd like to try ( not that I need anymore crafty hobbies!! :) ), a little starting kit like this might be just the thing to get me going! 

3. This cotton towelling bathrobe from loovee really reminds me of granny stripes, I love all the colours!  

4. BlueRaspberryDesigns is the lovely quirky shop belonging to Valentina Felce, her OOAK tattooed art dolls have such personality, I just love her work! 

5. Another amazing toymaker, although a very different style, can be found at Pussman, the gorgeous shop belonging to the very talented Danielle Roothooft.  I love her beautiful bears and rabbits, they remind me of the 'Velveteen Rabbit' and have a real timeless quality to them.  She also sells patterns if you'd like to create your own special creature! :)  (and she has a sale on at the minute too!)

So that's my finds for another week! 
I'll be back tomorrow with a crafty post, I'm trying (again) to get into some sort of blogging routine, so am having a go at using an editorial calendar for a bit of structure, often I have trouble thinking of things to post about so I end up posting nothing, and before you know it 2 weeks have gone by! Hopefully this will give me a bit of structure and I can capture ideas as they come to me and schedule them into the blog.  Hmmm, I don't usually do so great with schedules, but we will se how this goes :)

Do you have any suggestions for blog post topics?  I'd love to hear some new ideas, after doing this for a few years, I feel like I might be getting just a tad boring!! :) 

Have a fabulous day, talk soon! 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

last week....

Last week...

1. ...I was hooking up washers for the market. I love choosing the colour combos for these, there are so many nice possibilities.

2. ...the rosellas found the apple trees.  They are really beautiful birds, but they will probably strip all the fruit from the trees well before they are ready for us to eat.

3. ... this gaudy, gorgeous dahlia flowered! Yay! 

4 +5  ... I had a stall at the twilight market at Emu Plains, it was packed with people and I really enjoyed meeting some peeps who knew of this blog!!

6. ... hooked up a colour swatch for a customer.

7 ... I started a new 'wheels within wheels' blanket, this time in blues and greens, I think it will look good. :)

8. ...the apricots started to ripen! yay! I love a tree ripened apricot, so much better than anything you can buy from the shops.  My parents tree is laden this year, so much so that branches are breaking under all the weight! I am thinking a couple of batches of jam and a big pot of stewed apricots are going to be made soon! 


That's a few bits of my last week, I had an unintentional bloggy break as well, I just couldn't find time to sit at the computer or take many photos.  I have a heap of emails to respond to and they didn't get touched either.  Sorry for being a bad communicator!  I am hoping to get back into a rhythm soon and find the blogging routine again.  Do you find your blogging mojo ebbs and flows? 

What did you get up to last week?  
Got any big plans for this one?


Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Friday Finds #27

This post contains affiliate links.

Hello! How is your day going? Good I hope!

So, it's time to start my 5 Friday Finds on Etsy series for 2015, I'm looking forward to another year of finding lots of talented makers to share with you all.  
It was extra fun today, as I was very lucky and recently won a prize in a little competition and have an Etsy voucher to spend! Yay!  There are so many lovely things to choose from though, it's hard to decide what to buy! It's a nice problem to have! :)

So here are my finds for this week! Happy browsing!

1. thisisalliknow is the shop belonging to artist Amanda Blake, I just came across Amanda'a beautiful work today, and I absolutely love it!  Prints and originals of her paintings are available here, there is something quite compelling about her work that makes me want to see more!  Fabulous !!

2. Ninainvorm  is the shop belonging to Nina van de Goor, the talented lady who creates these gorgeous postcards and ceramics, so cute!  Lots of lovely things in this shop :) 

3.PearlShoreCat is a shop full of vintage and retro crochet patterns, there is a lot of patterns to look through in this shop, all conveniently categorised by decade too!  I really liked this Granny's Flower pattern, it seems very familiar to me, I wonder if I have posted this before.....

4. DoubleFoxStudio is a very quirky shop with lots of amazing art dolls, wall hangings  and one off bits of jewellery, if you like things a bit different but very amazing, there is lots to check out in here!


5. Gingiber is the lovely shop of creative Stacie Bloomfield, she sells paper goods and homewares like these gorgeous tea towels, aren't they interesting!


So that's it for today, I hope you have a great weekend, I am having my crochet crafter noon tomorrow, which should be fun, other than that I think we will be staying out of the huge amount of rain that is heading our way, a months rainfall in a weekend has been forecast!!
So, stay dry fellow Victorians! 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back in the swing of things.....

Hello there!  
Well, 2015 is over a week old already and this is my first post for the year, my 'post more regularly' resolution is kind of out the door before we even begin the year! :)

It has been hard to get out of holiday mode if I am honest, I love the slow mornings and unplanned days of holidays, with no real routines and lots of chilling out at the beach or daytime crochet without the guilt trip.  January is often not a very productive month around here, February and the return to 'normal' life seems to arrive very quickly! 

This year I am trying to be productive and stay in that 'holiday feeling' zone.  I have a couple of markets in January and not much to sell, so really need to get cracking on some stock!!

And I have bitten the bullet and made a schedule for crochet classes, workshops and crafternoons for the first few months of the year, starting this weekend!  Eek!
(so if anyone is around the Crib Point/Mornington Peninsula area and would like to join us, feel free to get in touch!  More info in the last photo, sorry about the fuzzy quality of the image!)  

This is a new project I am starting, my Summer Hearts blanket, so far it is turning out how I imagined, so that is a win.  Hoping to finish this one quite quickly, I am going to try and make more blankets this year.  I was quite pleased with making 9 blankets last year, and then I saw a post by the fabulous Patchwork Heart showing the 43!!!! blankets she made last year, how is that for productive! Amazing amount of work, and she works full-time as well!  I think I will take a small step towards this level of productivity and aim for 12-15 blankets this year, I hope that is doable for me!  :)

( My problem is that I get side tracked, spending too much time at the beach and in the garden, who could resist when this lovely spot is 5 minutes away! ;)  )

Somers beach yesterday. Beautiful!

....this is the little schedule I made for my crochet classes, I'm hoping there will be someone local on the Mornington Peninsula interested in joining me! :)   

I am also doing something very exciting for my little yarn shop, I feel that I have out grown the room I have been using for my stock, it is far to crowded and I can't really expand my range until I address the space issue.  So we are creating a proper yarn studio and workshop space just for me!!  
We have a large garage attached to our house that has been place where all our junk ends up.  We are having a huge clean out and then I am turning most of it into a gorgeous studio for all my lovely yarn, and there will be plenty of space for more yarn and for classes too! Yay yay!!  
It should be a win win situation, as the house will be much tidier and easier to look after without all my crafty things spread throughout the place. 

So that has also been keeping me busy, I really want to have this finished in a month or so. 

Ok, I better stop there, starting to ramble a bit too much I think, I had so much to catch up! 

I hope you are enjoying your January and getting lots of hooky time too! 

Talk soon, I think I will be starting my Friday Finds for 2015 tomorrow, so I will be back with that. :)


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crochet 2014 (my makes this year)

9 blankets made this year 2014!!


I hope you are enjoying the last day of 2014, it is hard to believe another year is almost over, 
I think it is true what they say about time speeding up as you get older, 
this year seems to have gone very quickly!

  Anyway, the end of the year is a good time for reflection, so I decided to do a little crochet review of 2014 to look back and see what I actually got made and completed this year - there was more than I expected!  It seems 2014 was quite a productive year crochet wise, even if I often felt like I was not achieving much! 
It was fun putting them together into collages, (done in Picmonkey).  
So here you have it, my crochet year in pictures!

......there were lots of washers, flowers, interesting motifs and a little bit of knitting too! .....

......there were stamps, booties, bottles and buntings.........

....there were jar covers, puffy flowers, bigger booties and baubles too!  ....

It has been a good year around here, I hope 2015 keeps up the positive vibe, I have a lot to be thankful for and I really enjoy sharing bits of my little day to day life on this here blog. 
Thank you for letting me share my  love of crochet, craft and colour with you all, the crafty community on here is very inspiring and I am glad to be a tiny part of it too! 

Have fun tonight, we are seeing the New Year in with friends, eating and drinking and having fun, 
I am sure we will have a lovely night, I hope you do to! 

As my son said to me this afternoon as he left for a party, "See you next year Mum" haha... 

Happy New Year to you all, I hope all your dreams come true in 2015!

Talk to you all next year!! ;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have a good one!

So, it's Christmas Eve and I am just about to sit down and watch the Carols and do a bit of present wrapping, while trying not to cry to much. ( The carols always make me cry, a goodwill and joy overload maybe.)

I really hope you all have a lovely Christmas and festive season, my good wishes go out to you all dear readers, have a very merry and bright day!  Thank you so much for visiting my little patch of cyberspace in 2014, I so appreciate all the lovely comments and support you all provide, you guys really are awesome!  
This holidays I will be enjoying time with my family, and I hope you all get to spend some time with special people over the holiday period too, I really think that's one of the most important thing for us humans, feeling connected, feeling loved, feeling wanted and special, and if we can make someone feel that way I think that's a great thing! 
(I guess this bloggy internet community is just a great big extension of that! :))

I will be taking a little break from this space, I think a break from computer stuff will be quite refreshing, plus I have lots of hooky ideas to get out of my head!  A couple of weeks of planning and getting organised for the new year will get me all set up for a great 2015, I have some ideas that I wanted to try out on the blog this year but didn't get to them, so I hope I can get them off the ground in 2015!

Here are some cheery photos of my Christmas tree thingy this year, 
I am calling it our 'Christmas Cloud', it is definitely not a traditional tree, but I like it and there are presents under it too! 
I think it is well suited to our warm, sunny, Summer Christmas, kind of airy and bright, and it revolves in the breeze.  (Sorry for the excessive amount of photos, I was trying to capture the way it changed as it moved in the air. )

 All you Northern Hemisphere peeps, I hope you are warm and cosy, we will be trying to stay cool here in Melbourne, although the weather is looking lovely and mild for tomorrow, so it should be good for the big roast and pudding.  

Okay, that's enough waffling, Merry Christmas everyone!

Talk soon! 
Big love to you all! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Crochet Christmas Baubles. Love.

Hello!  How is you week going?  
Are you getting super busy yet?
The silly season has definitely arrived at our house, I seem to have lost a few days last week!
I have been so busy getting orders completed and trying to have enough stock for the Emu Plains Market on Saturday, my house looks like a dump, there are bits of yarn all per the place, it has certainly been a bit cray-cray round here! 
We also had our big extended family Christmas party on Sunday for my side of our family,  it was great to catch up with all my cousins and aunts and uncles, I love being part of a big family, it is always a really good day, and is fascinating to see the next generation coming along and getting so big!!  

So Sunday was great day, then Monday was a shocking day for the country.
 What an unsettling week so far, with the terrible siege in Sydney leaving the whole country feeling stunned and so sad, it's hard to believe something like the has happened in Australia, but I have just been watching the news and it is heartening to see how everybody is coming together to support one and other, the aftermath seems to be bringing out the best in people, that is something to hold onto I think.  Love to all of Sydney. xxx

Anyway, this is not supposed to be a sad space, so  back to the hooky stuff.  
Here's something to cheer you up, in a very colourful, fluffy, frivolous way!

I have been crocheting like a mad woman, currently I am making some crochet baubles.  I have seen some lovely looking baubles around the internet recently, so decided to have a go at my own version, and this is what I have come up with.  
I have to say I am rather pleased with how they are turning out.  They are so fun to make! 
As usual, I have gone over the top with colour, the colours of the Cascade Ultra Pima cotton really look fantastic together, and I have got a few favourite colour combos going that are working well I think.

I am also pretty happy with my little pattern, a bit of trial and error, but they are fitting nicely and I love all the colour changes.  Might try and write it down as some stage.  I am hoping to have about 20 of these ready to sell at the market, but I really won't mind if I bring them home again, they can certainly brighten up my pompom tree!

So here are a few extra photos, just because I thought they looked cheerful! :)

So, I am right in the middle of decoration making and have found some lovely tutorials and patterns around the traps at this time of year.
Here are a few links for other decorations to hook up if you have a few spare moments.

* more Christmas Trees from The Royal Sisters (great for buntings or garlands)

Are you making any decorations for your tree?
Have you had a go at crochet baubles yet?

Have a great day!